Short Bio

The Misery Mountain Boys are a 5 piece uptempo-swing outfit based out of Edmonton, AB. After rambling through bluegrass circles, western swing standards, and getting lost in the world of gypsy jazz, the Misery Mountain Boys have landed upon their own unique brand of swing, taking their traditional instrumentation to creative and sometimes unexpected places. Since 2012 they have been steadily building a reputation as one of Alberta’s most exciting and unique live acts, playing fun and energetic music to keep feet shuffling all night long.

 Their anticipated forth studio release, ‘Milk and Moonshine’ is set for release in the spring of 2019. 





Steven Gevenich - guitar & vocals
Lindsay Bueckert - bass & vocals
Dom Golec - mandolin
Sam Toms - clarinet
Ethan Markwart - drums



Album History 

Milk and Moonshine - Spring 2019

Moon Dog and the Familiar Spirits - December 2016

Long Gone Cat Daddy - December 2015

Little Smoky - May 2014


 ‘Uptempo swing bred for grassy dance floors’